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Welcome to Fix IT Scripts.

Welcome to Fix IT Scripts. Scripts for the IT community to share, and discuss.
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If your PC problem is one that can be fixed by a script feel free to post it here on FixIT Scripts. But please do a search first to see if your problem has already been posted. There may already be a fix out there for you!
It can sometimes be difficult to know what can and can't be fixed with a script, so if your problem is one of the following, then you're are probably okay posting it:
  • a problem with the Windows operating system
  • a software error or crash
  • software driver that is not working or behaving properly
  • a fixable problem, not just a question that requires help or information

If in doubt, first look around and see the types of problems that other users have posted. If you are still unsure, go ahead and post your problem.
It’s also OK to post and fix your own problem, and anyone who is able to is strongly encouraged to do so.

What kind of problems should I not post here?
The problems on this site require an actual script to fix. So if your problem is just a general question or a request for help or information, then it does not fit the format of the site. Those types of questions are better suited to online forums.
Please post general questions about the Fix IT Scripts site under the MISC category. Any questions, bugs or feedback about Fix IT Scripts should be posted there.
How do I post problems here?"

Here’s how you post problems and get fixes:

  • Search the site first to make sure your answer isn't already out there
  • Post your question and be sure to include as many relevant details as possible
  • Other users can now see your question and post answers
  • Watch for any comments or requests for more information and provide additional details as necessary
  • Accept the answer that best solves your issue

Here are the main parts of a problem:

  • Title—a title is required and should provide a brief overview of your question or problem. Keep it concise, yet descriptive.

  • Body— the body of the question is where you should provide a full description of your question with as much relevant detail as possible. When your questions include good information you increase your chances of getting good answers.

  • Tags—tags are keywords that help describe and categorize the subject of your questions.

If you receive new fixes or comments, you should receive an email notification

If you need to edit your problem in response to any comments or requests for more information, just click the "edit" link below the question.

If the fix works and fixes your problem, be sure to vote it up by clicking the up arrow to the left of the fix. Other users can also view fixes and vote on them. This helps raise the best fixes to the top.

When you have reviewed all the fixes you received, pick the one that best solves your issue. Click the check box to the left of the fix to mark this as the accepted fix. This way the rest of the community knows that you are satisfied and knows that the fix worked.

Welcome to Fix IT Scripts, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.
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