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Can be used to create Event Logs for QBBackup (Event Log Checks), or directly as a result based script (Exit Codes)


@Echo Off

SET QBPath=%1
SET QBDataPath=%2

EventCreate /l APPLICATION /t INFORMATION /so QBBackup /id 990 /d "Starting Quick Books Backup"
"%QBPath%\AutoBackupEXE.exe" /F%QBDataPath% /S /I1414778315
if errorlevel==0 goto success1
if errorlevel==1 goto error1
goto end

Echo "Quick Books Backup completed Successfully"
EventCreate /l APPLICATION /t INFORMATION /so QBBackup /id 991 /d "Quick Books Backup completed Successfully"
goto end

Echo "Error During Quick Books Backup"
EventCreate /l APPLICATION /t ERROR /so QBBackup /id 995 /d "Error During Quick Books Backup"
Exit 1001
goto end

SET QBDataPath=
Exit 0
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This takes the QuickBooks Install Path and the Data Path as two separate command line operators.  Will need to put in quotes if path has spaces in it.

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Above is answer
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