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I have an EZOutlet set up on a piece of equipment for a client.  I can remote in and power it on and off, and I can have it scheduled, or I can have it monitor a ping and reset when it misses.

Unfortunately, it cannot monitor a specific port.  However, SWMSP can. SWMSP can also take scripts written in python and I found something that claims to be a python script for handling these sorts of things.  However, since I have never written in python and have no clue what to do with what, I am hoping to get some help making it work.

The link to the python script on github is:

I would prefer some scripting for which I was slightly more familiar (bat, vb, ps, au3, etc.) but I will take a rudimentary lesson on how to use a python script with SWMSP.  I just have no idea what this script does, or if I send operators?  No clue.  Anyone know?

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Hi Michael.
Is SWMSP - Solarwinds?
Yes -"Solawinds  MSP" (Formerly LogicNow, Formerly GFI- Max, Formerly HoundDog) :-)
HaHa! I use MaxFocus too..
I've looked at the specs, and cant seem to see a way.. SNMP would have been nice... I'll keep looking though.
I'll also have a play with my Hound Dog dashboard, and see if LogicNow will shed any light.. :)

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