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is there a script from which we can deploy the .msi package for malwarebytes endpoint security?

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MSI packages allow an unattended install with the addition of a /qn to the install line.

>msiexec C:\Path\To\InstallPackage.msi /qn

In SolarWinds MSP, there are a couple of script options for installing:
(This can be done in a Monitoring Template if you have a lot of machines on which to distribute)
Go to the Tasks Tab of the machine you want to install software
Click on the "+" To add automated task.
Scroll down to Install/Remove Software
Select the Install type you want and hit <next>
<fill out as needed>
Don't forget to select the [] Run File check box

The operators for different installers go directly in the Run Parameters.  They are different for different installer software.  A good reference can be found here:
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An EXE may have it's own switches.
The "unattended" link above has silent install switches for the most common installers (.exe)

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